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Luke & Adriana

Hey! It’s Luke & Adriana the duo behind Adriana Maria. Adriana is from Guatemala and Luke from Sydney.  We met in 2015 in Australia and it was love at first sight. We connected over our love for photography & travel, during the beginning of our relationship we spent most our spare time on adventures & taking photos.  Not long after we started sharing our passions on Instagram, things started evolving.  Very soon we realised that it was possible to make our passions our full time job! We decided to take the risk and made Adriana Maria our full time gig.

We specialise in creating engaging content for fashion, travel brands and hotels around the world.  Planing, directing, organising and styling content shoots, look books, brand campaigns & more . We love more than anything to share our travel experiences and style to hopefully inspire others to chase their dreams.

“The road won’t always be easy but it will be worth it.”

Cas McCullough