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Australian bushfires, how can we help?

by Adri
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Our hearts break, Australia is burning. The country is currently experiencing the worst wildfires in decades. Some of the heartbreaking stats: •480 million animals, 8000 koalas killed by fires •at least 18 people dead •In NSW alone close to 1,300 homes have been destroyed and over 440 damaged •In total, more than 5.9 million hectares (14.7 million acres) have been burned across Australia's six states •Sydney & Canberra’s air quality “11 times more hazardous than the hazardous levels for human health. •“Experts say climate change has worsened the scope and impact of natural disasters like fires and floods — weather conditions are growing more extreme, and for years, the fires have been starting earlier in the season and spreading with greater intensity.” What’s even harder is that Australia is just entering summer and things could get worse. What can we do? to help Australia during this terrible tragedy one of the best ways we can help (regardless of where we live) is to donate, any donation counts. Here’s a list of organisations we can donate: Australian Red Cross @redcrossau Salvation Army Disaster Appeal @salvosau NSW RFS @nswrfs or a brigade in your state Wires Wildlife rescue @wireswildliferescue If you don’t have the means to donate please share what is happening. I’ve gathered a few other ways including non monetary options we can help with. Added the link to my bio. #australia #sydney #canberra #nswfires #nsw 📷 Matt Abbott, Allison Marion, Saeed Khan, Department of Land, Water & planning

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What is happening in Australia is heartbreaking. If you don’t know what’s happening. Here’s a few articles you can read.

How to help?

In the past I have not shared important things because I felt like I could say the wrong thing or misinform people. Yesterday’s response to my post showed many of us feel the same way. We all want to help and often we don’t know how.

Best way to help at this time is through donations to the organisations & services who are helping in the firefighting and recovery efforts but there are also many non-monetary ways we can help.

I’ve gathered a few ways we can help with links below.

Australia’s Red Cross {link to donate}

We’re supporting people at several evacuation centres in Victoria as well as in New South Wales and South Australia. We’re also preparing to distribute emergency grants to people who have lost homes to the bushfires across the country.

Australia’s Red Cross
The NSW Rural Fire Service {link to donate}

To support the firefighting efforts in New South Wales.

The Salvation Army {link to donate}

“Our teams are providing meals to evacuees and frontline responders, and will continue to provide whatever support is needed as the situation develops,”

Major Topher Holland, General Manager Strategic Emergency and Disaster Management.
Country Fire Authority {link to donate}

Victoria’s rural firefighting service.

The Country Fire Service in South Australia {link to donate}
Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland INC {link to donate}

To help support firefighters in the state of Queensland.

Foodbank Australia {link to donate}

Foodbank is the only food relief organisation to play a role in times of emergency and natural disasters such as fires, floods and cyclones. Every State and Territory Foodbank is involved in disaster relief, providing essential supplies to support the work of first responders and emergency services as well as giving ongoing assistance to affected communities during the months and years it takes to recover

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As fires continue to ravage many parts of Australia, with significant loss in Victoria and NSW, Foodbank is on the ground, delivering emergency relief in the form of hampers to evacuation centres and bottled water and muesli bars to first responders. Foodbank Victoria has been down at the docks this morning, loading a rig tender with hampers and water bound for the fire zone, and their first truckload of hampers has already arrived in Bairnsdale. The team at Foodbank NSW & ACT is continuing to assist bushfire-affected communities stretching almost the entire length of the state. Thank you to everyone who has donated food and funds. Our National Donors and Partners have been incredible – donating funds in the lead up to Christmas and goods by the pallet load, but we’re here for the long run and we need more help! With weather conditions forecast to worsen, we need funds to purchase bulk food for thousands of hampers to continue to help those for an indefinite time. If you can help, please head to www.foodbank.org.au and donate funds. If you are a food or grocery manufacturer and would like to assist, please DM our team. We strongly prefer funds so we can purchase the right food in large quantities. However, if you do have products you wish to donate, we’ll advise dropoff locations in coming days. Thank you and please stay safe! #ZeroHunger #BushFireEmergencyRelief Image credit: Gary Ramage

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WIRES {link to donate}

WIRES wildlife rescue is the largest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation charity in Australia. It is a non-profit organisation providing rescue and rehabilitation for all native Australian fauna.

The RSPCA bushfire appeal {link to donate}

Used to protect the pets, livestock and wildlife affected by bushfires, helping evacuate animals from disaster zones.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital {link to donate}

The hospital has already raised in excess of $2 million through their GoFundMe to help search for and protect the koalas in the region, due to the overwhelming support they will also be able to establish a Wild Koala Breeding Program.

Fundraiser for The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund by Celeste Barber ·  {link to donate}

In less that 24 hours the Australian actor and comedian has raised over $3 million!

Donating 100% off profits

Many businesses are donating 100% of their profits for specific dates.

Here’s a list of the brands that came up on my feed joining this amazing initiative.
Buy a T-Shirt

Melbourne influencer Mitchell Orval is donating 100% of all proceeds of this T-Shirt sale to the people affected.

Non-monetary ways we can help

Spread awareness

For people like me that don’t watch or read the news, socials is a great way to generate awareness, if it wasn’t for my IG stories I wouldn’t have I realised how severe the situation was. Sharing on your socials is a great way to help.

Content creators like @helloemilie & @christinamacpherson are great examples of using your voice and generating awareness.

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"We have to recognise that every breath of air we take, every mouthful of food we take, comes from the natural world. And if we damage the natural world, we damage ourselves. We are one coherent ecosystem. It's not just a question of beauty, or interest, or wonder – the essential ingredient of human life is a healthy planet” – David Attenborough . I enter 2020 with a heavy heart, Australia is burning… and it is absolutely heartbreaking. We have lost MILLIONS of hectares to these fires since July and it is still not over with predictions of the worst still to come. People have devastatingly lost their lives, their homes & their livelihoods 💔— it hurts to see so many Australians right now without our basic needs; clean air, water, food & shelter. . The beautiful native Australian landscape is something I hold close to my heart and it’s saddens me to think about how much we have already lost. An estimate of at least half a BILLION Australian mammals, birds and reptiles have been lost in these fires. These connected ecosystems & ancient landscapes which have taken years to form are now gone — Millions of hectares of native bush land burnt. It’s hard to comprehend how our land will ever recover… with some scientists fearing some species may now be beyond repair. I hope with rain & time these ecosystems will be able to survive & rejuvenate. These unprecedented disasters are hurting our country on every level — Now more than ever I am concerned about the state of our country, it can be hard to see outside our own little bubbles and actually digest what is really happening when it’s not directly impacting you, but every little thing counts. My thoughts are with all the communities battling these tragedies — I am so thankful to all our dedicated & heroic fire fighters and their families, risking their lives every day in these horrific conditions. Everyone please stay safe & PLEASE give back — I’ve put a series of swipe up links on my stories on how you can help. ❤️ Australia needs you. To donate: Wildlife Rescue – @wireswildliferescue NSW Fire Service – @nswrfs VIC Fire Service – @cfavic Red Cross – @redcrossau

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Givit {link to help}

This is a not-for-profit organisation, you can find on their website a list of items that are needed (mattresses, bedding, etc). You can also donate money through their page.

Support small businesses

Check out @buyfromthebush for a selection of beautiful things to buy from rural communities facing drought.

Offer housing
Airbnb – Open homes {link to help}

Airbnb has established an emergency housing site for those displaced by the bushfires via its Open Homes initiative. You can book free accommodation in certain areas of New South Wales and Victoria.

Find a bed {link to help}

Similar to Airbnb Find a bed allows people to offer up a bed or locate a bed in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. 

Ecosia {link to browse}

Run your online searches through Ecosia, which uses profits to plant trees where they’re needed most. Trees help reduce the carbon dioxide load. It can be added to Chrome.

Sign a Change.org petition {link to sign}

Sign this petition calling on the NSW Government to provide adequate respiratory equipment to firefighters to protect against harmful smoke.

Contact a member of Parliament

Make your voice heard about climate change action. Contact a member of Parliament here

If you have any other suggestions pleases send them to me so I can add them to this list.