Chasing gold

by Adri
I fell in love with this Amery dress in the most perfect plum tone perfect for Autumn via Siren & Muse, from the moment I received it I knew I wanted to capture it in all it’s glory, maybe roaming through golden fields if I was lucky.
Side note: Siren & Muse stock some of my favorite labels, Kivari, For Love & Lemons, Kinga Csilla among others!
On the weekend we decide to head towards the hunter valley, hoping we would find a good location and also some tasty vino!
As usual we didn’t manage to leave before 12,  somehow we always think we have more time than we actually do! EVERY single time!  are we the only ones?
Off we go, playing my new favorite, Maggie Rogers on Spotify. After about an hours drive we start seeing some really cute roads and potential locations, we decided not to stop in hopes of finding something nicer… 1 hour after? nothing nicer has appeared and we start thinking maybe we should of stop when we had the chance, ohhh well no turning back now! we keep driving driving …. we go off road, we know the sun it’s starting to go down pretty quickly, our bellies are rumbling and I need a vino!!
I see this horse inside a jump-able fence no spikes to damage my dress f*** yeah!
“Luke, can we stop? I can jump the fence! – Babe it’s dangerous we can stop but maybe no jumping!? – ok. ok.”
We stop and the horse comes straight to greet us, he hangs for a while and then when he realizes there’s no apples or carrots, he walks off. Perfect time to jump of the fence right?!. As I start climbing the fence Luke just looks at me with this OMG, what are you thinking?  face, stop staring start snapping!
We get a couple shots before I start hearing some distant trotting which becomes a LOUD gallop in seconds, I start panicking about panicking, all I can think is stay calm, stay calm. Luke is already going through every possible scenario. Luckily none of them happened.  Mr horse doesn’t do anything unexpected besides trying to start chewing my dress which is my cue to start climbing the fence back out. Ok. Lesson learned I mumbled quietly to Luke.
 Shots are not that good, the location hunting continues…  We head back to the main road and keep driving, sunset it’s fast approaching. We stop at some wineries get some shots but still not quite there yet. Damn us perfectionists!. We keep driving.
 YES YES YES!! we found in it!! just right before sunset we drive past this beautiful golden field, of course some trespassing is required (please don’t judge me, I did it for the gram!) we starting taking some snaps with just a few minutes left before the sun is gone. Gone. Gone.

 The sun sets and we are treated to a beautiful sunset… talking about treats? we are starving by now!! We head back and stop at Cessnock for some food, we had a big meal and finally some Vino probably not the best idea before a long drive. We make it home safe and sound and my vision is realized. Moral of the story: Just keep driving…

Photos by @lukemcameron

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