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by Adri

What is Lightroom? 

Lightroom is a mobile and desktop app by Adobe to edit photos, it’s a great tool to take your photos to the next level. The best thing is that it is not only for professional photographers but it’s also user friendly for beginners. You might have already heard about the program from one of your favourite creators as Lightroom is the industry standard editing platform.

How much does Lightroom cost?

The desktop version of Lightroom ( Lightroom CC Classic) requires a monthly subscription but the Lightroom Mobile (LR) app is completely FREE (some of the more advanced tools are paid)

What is a Lightroom Preset? 

Presets are filters specifically designed for Lightroom to help you edit photos faster or to get a certain look. Each of our Presets has been custom designed by us to produce high quality engaging edits in minimal time. The presets we created and sell in our packs are the same presets we use on our Instagram and photography content. The best thing about presets is they are completely customisable so you can even tweak our downloaded presets to get your own unique look.

*Keep in mind that every photo is different and not all presets always work immediately on every photo as lighting and colours will vary from photo to photo and from camera to camera, you may need to do some basic adjustments on your desktop or phone app to perfect your image.

In the preset installation instructions that are included in every pack we have added some bonus editing and photography tips we use to get the best results from our presets.

What program do I need to use your presets?

To use our presets, depending of which pack you have chosen you will need the latest Adobe Lightroom Desktop (2018 or higher) for the desktop presets pack or if you purchased the mobile pack the FREE Lightroom Mobile App. We will have packages for both. Please make sure you have the latest Lightroom versions before buying and installing our presets.

Mobile or Desktop app?

Lightroom Desktop is a more powerfull and controllable editing software where you can fine tune every aspect of you edits. We will recommend this option if you are shooting RAW.

The free Lightroom mobile app allows you to take or import photos into the mobile app and apply filters and edits in seconds on the go wherever you are. Perfect for those photos taken on the go.

I’ve never used Lightroom, can I still use them?

Our presets are perfect for any level of experience, it will accelerate your learning curve as you can easily tweak the edits and understand how each tool affects your picture.

You will get the same look from our Desktop Presets as to our Mobile presets.

On what images do your presets work?

You will get the best result from our desktop presets with RAW images as there is more data to work with. However our presets work with all kinds of images. The Lightroom mobile presets are perfect but not limited to phone photos, jpeg, gopro or drone shots.

What camera?

Our presets can be used on any camera. Although the quality of the camera and lighting conditions does vary the results.

When will you receive the presets?

Once you have purchased any of our packs,  you will receive an email with your download link instantly and have the choice to download them to your computer or directly to your phone.

How To Install Mobile Presets:

Installing our presets is easy. After purchase you’ll be able to download our mobile presets straight into your phone or your computer.  After downloading you can follow our step by step installation guide that is included with every pack and also online here.

What kind of files are the presets?

The desktop presets are .XMP files and the mobile presets are .DNG files

Can I get a refund?

We are confident our presets work. We will offer a refund if we are not able to edit your well exposed photos ourselves using our presets.

Other questions?

Please send them to presets@adriana-maria.com or DM us @presetsbyadri