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How to install Lightroom mobile presets in 5 simple steps!

by Adri

Installing Lightroom mobile presets

Lightroom mobile presets have gained popularity in recent times. They are easy to use and very convenient when editing on the go. You might be confused as to how to install your Lightroom mobile presets so here are 5 simple steps to guide you through the process.

All Lightroom mobile presets will be DNG Files. Most of the ones you buy online will come inside a .zip file.

Here you have two options to get the presets on to your phone.

Option 1

RECOMMENDED: Download the preset pack .zip file to your computer and unzip it. Then transfer the DNG files to your phone using either Airdrop, Bluetooth, Dropbox, email etc.

Option 2

Directly download the Presets .zip file to your phone. If Using Iphone you’ll need an unzip app to open them on your phone. There are many free unzip apps in the Apple app store such as “Unzip”. If you have Android, Samsung phones already have an unzip feature inside the file manager otherwise you can download Google files to unzip, or apps such as RAR or WINZIP.

Important : Make sure you have enough space on your phone before transferring or downloading the files. The size of the DNG files will depend on the seller. Our Maya Gypsy Preset DNG files are small (only around 450kb each) and you’ll have no problem adding them to your phone.

Once you have the Unzipped DNG preset files on your phone follow these 5 easy steps:


Download the Lightroom Mobile App and sign up for a free Adobe account.


Open Lightroom Mobile app. Create a new album with the name of your newly purchased mobile Presets.


Open the newly created album then select the blue “Add Photos” button in the bottom right.

A. If you transferred the preset files from your computer click “From Camera Roll”


B. If you used unzip select ”From Files”


Option A: From Camera roll

Select each individual DNG file, then click “Add Photos” to import into Lightroom

Option B : From Files

If you selected from files navigate to your Unzip folder and select the preset folder you wish to import. Select all the DNG files and press OPEN.

Step 5

Now that the files are imported into Lightroom they should look like this depending on the seller this might be just pictures or blank images.

Click on the first image in the new Album then click on the 3 little dots in the top right corner and “Create Preset”.

Click on “Preset group” and select “Create New Preset Group” and label it.

Create a new preset name according to each preset. Make sure to tick all the boxes (most presets won’t have any geometry, tools or optics but some creative preset may have this), click on the tick in the top right corner to save the first preset. Repeat these steps for each of the preset files to add them.

That was easy! you are now ready to edit your photos with your newly added presets. Choose any photos you’d like to edit, scroll along the bottom tool bar to the presets button, select “Preset Folder” group from the menu and scroll through to find a preset that suits your photo.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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