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Best Apps For Video Creators

by Luke

We all know theres no hiding. Video content creation is currently taking centre stage. Luckily now it’s easier than ever to shoot and edit high quality video content just on our phones. So we are going to run through our pick of the best apps currently out there in 2022 for video creators.

Our top 3 apps for video creators

There are countless apps out there for video creators and it can be hard to decide which one to use. We have tried & tested many popular apps and narrowed it down to our top favourites. When selecting apps we focus on features, ease of use, our requirements & value.

Find out below the Best Apps For Video Creators and why they made our list

VN icon

VN Video

VN Video Editor is one of the best free apps you can get and is the app we are currently using for all our mobile video content as the app allows us to use our custom video filters. Specifically designed for editing and cutting video content on your IOS or Android phone. It’s great for beginners and professionals with basic to advanced features such as overlays, key frames and speed ramping. It’s one of our top picks as it packs everything you need into one app and also allows you to customise the export quality settings.

Another top and trending feature is the ability to import custom video filters (LUTs) into the app to get the same look as your favourite creators.

Price: FREE 

Key features:

  • Add multiple videos and images
  • Slow motion & Speed curves
  • Import custom video filter LUTs
  • Preloaded with filters
  • Filter strength adjustments
  • Transitions
  • Text & Titles
  • Reverse & zoom functions
  • Key frames
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Overlays


  • Custom export settings
  • Supports 4K and 60fps
  • Save and export to your device


  • No advanced colouring tools like HSL or Split toning
best apps for video editing
Photo and video filter presets


A one stop editing app.  All the tools you need to edit video can be found in this app, from cutting, effects and colouring. 


They have a free version and it’s up there as one of the best ones available. You just don’t get access to their premium filters and have to select to remove watermarks each time you export

Pro version is 13.99 /year (USD)

The paid version has no watermarks or ads and gives you access to all filters, stickers and transitions. It also has the HSL(Hue, Saturation, Luminance) editor, this is the main reason I recommend the pro version as you’ll have more control when colouring your videos with HSL.

Key Features:

  • Trim, cut & split videos. 
  • Merge multiple clips into one.
  • Crop also includes a Skew section. Straighten your clip & tweak the horizontal & vertical aspects. 
  • Rotate/Flip the video.
  • Add InShot featured music or use your own music.
  • Extract sound from videos.
  • Adjust music volume and music fade in/out option.
  • transitions.  
  • Customisable filters.
  • Colour tools include HSL. Tweak the hue, saturation & luminance of individual colours
  • Split toning to add unique tones to your video
  • Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Add text and titles on video
  • Stickers & emojis
  • Adjust video speed also allows speed ramping/curves. 
  • Reverse. Rewind your video by one click.
  • Fit your video in most aspect ratios. 1:1 & 4:5 for Instagram, 16:9 for YouTube; 9:16 for Insta/TikTok.
  • Custom video export resolution, HD1080P or 4K


  • Filters are limited and not as good as the ones in VN or VSCO
  • No option for adding custom filter LUTs
  • No sound waveform available when cutting clips to music

best apps for video editing


VSCO has been around for a while now and as one of the most popular apps for photo editing it now also offers the same tools for video editing. It’s a great app if you are looking to just colour your videos. It has a huge variety of high quality filters the only downside is you cant cut together multiple clips or add music.


Free trial: 7 day trial  after it’s $19.99/year (USD)  

Key features 

  • 200+ fully customisable filters
  • Create “recipes” with your edits to apply to others clips later
  • Trim clips
  • Crop tool includes straighten and skew. 
  • Skew adjusts perspective both horizontally and vertically to correct lines that should be straight or to adjust lens distortion when using a wide angle lens. 
  • Adjust skin tones tool
  • Adjust video speed. Speed up video or slow down. Range from 0.1x to 16x.
  • Colour tools include HSL. Tweak the hue, saturation & luminance of individual colours
  • Split toning to add unique tones to your video
  • Reverse
  • Add text
  • Adjust volume


  • Not possible to merge multiple videos
  • Not possible to add music
  • Limited video editing capabilities
  • No 4k export

Best apps for video creators


One of the best apps for creative video filters and effects.  This is a great app for creating unique aesthetic looks. 


34.99/year (USD) 

Free version:  The free version of the app includes some filters and effects.

Trial. 7 day trial available

Key features 

  • 800+ customisable Effects and Filters
  • Templates
  • Music, add any tracks from your iTunes
  • Adjust: various tools to tune your content and get the exact result you need
  • Bloom slider (on some filters)
  • Stylise tools include mist, blur, glow dust & grain
  • Intro: starting titles and effects for your videos


  • Not possible to merge multiple videos
  • Not possible to add your own music and sound effects
  • It can be slow at times 
  • Takes a while to find where all the tools are 
  • Pricing
  • Only saves HD1080 not 4K
Best apps for video creators
Photo and video filter presets

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