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What are the best apps to edit video?

by Adri

With the growing demand for video form content and the release of Instagram Reels, video can really re-ignite your creativity and draw attention to your brand or personal account. The best thing is that now it’s easier than ever to create amazing & engaging videos on your phone. What are the best apps to edit video? We get this question on my DM’s very often and wanted to share with you the best apps to edit video. The ones we use to edit all our videos.

Our top 3 apps to edit video


We use VSCO to first color grade all our clips individually. This is a bit in reverse of a traditional work flow but we find the colors and filter presets options in this app the best. VSCO also has the option to trim, reverse and adjust clip speeds.

best video editing app


For editing and cutting clips together we prefer to use Adobe RUSH, you can also colour grade in this app with its built in presets and colour tools but we find it a bit limited for now. Here you can also add music from your Itunes. If you want any more advance editing one of the best features is that Rush is cloud based and your project will sync with Adobe Premiere pro so you can finish your project on your laptop or desktop ( Premiere Pro is a paid subscription)

best app for editing video


Once we have colour graded and edited our clips together and exported/saved the video we then sometimes put it through PREQUEL for any additional creative effects such as dust and scratches, glow, film flickers and frames. One thing we love about PREQUEL is you can add 15 seconds of any music for free to your videos.

best video editing apps
how to edit video

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