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Jumpsuit goodness!

by Adri
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I’m a big fan of Jumpsuits. specially wide leg jumpsuits! They offer the ultimate comfort without sacrificing style.

Some of the other pros of wearing jumpsuits are:

  1. Perfect piece for traveling in comfort!
  2. Super easy to style. You can easily go from day to night by changing your accessories.
  3. Fits all sizes and shapes.
  4. More coverage than play suits or rompers.
  5. They are available on all sorts of fabrics and colors.

There’s only one downfall to the jumpsuit. I wont’t mention it but you know what I mean!

This one from Wilde + Willow is not only super comfortable but also hella stylish!  The wide leg takes me back to my favorite fashion era. The 70’s.

Crafted from a natural luxe linen this is the perfect transitional piece coming into fall, it also features adjustable bow tie straps, fringe hem, pockets (imo every piece of clothing should have them!) and a detachable waist sash. I’ve styled it with my round rattan and clogs.

Do you already own a jumpsuit? If not what are you waiting for?


Jumpsuit Wilde + Willow

Location: The grounds of the city + surroundings 

Behind the lens : @lukemcameron



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