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Want to know where the most iconic Santorini photo spots are?

Known for its dramatic sunsets, unique architecture, and vibrant hues, Santorini is not just a picturesque island in Greece, it’s a content creators paradise. But with so many stunning views to choose from, where are the best photo spots in Santorini? Whether you’re looking to capture the iconic blue-domed churches, winding streets of white washed buildings, or panoramic sunset views, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll share the top 10 photo spots in Santorini for 2024.

Remember to stay tuned till the end, as we’ve also included a Google map to guide you to these iconic locations. If you’ve ever wondered where those famous pictures are taken in Santorini, or where to find the iconic views that define the island, you’re in the right place.

santorini Blue church Domes at sunset in Oia, Greek Islands

1- Famous Oia 3 Domes views

Lets start with the most popular photo spot in Santorini, the 3 Domes of Oia. Theres 3 main view points to get a shot with these iconic domes in the background. Keep in mind Oia is the most popular area in Santorini so getting there early helps. Some locations are on private private so be mindful not to trespass or stand on any roofs. The following 3 photo spots are all around the same area and you can find the exact location on the map at the bottom of the blog.

Stairs 1

Probably the most iconic photo spot in Santorini it usually has a long line but if you get there before 8am it shouldn’t be too busy. If you arrive at sunrise it can look a bit cold and dull as its in the morning shade, but you can warm it up with a bit of editing.

Best Santorini Photos Spots

Stairs 2

This spot is another popular spot, the only catch is its actually on a hotels private property. You can access it if you have a local photographer with you or sometimes the gate is open and they allow you in just to the start of the stairs. Remember to be respectful and mindful.

Best Santorini photo spots, girl walking down stairs with Santorini blue domes,

Domes and bells

The church bells overlooking the blue domes is another popular spots for photo shoots, people stand on the rooftop and get dramatic shots with flowing dresses. This spot is usually busy with local professional photographers.

2- Cafe overlooking the Oia blue domes (Terpsi n Oia Cafe)

Terpsi n Oia cafe is a great spot to grab a coffee after an early morning shoot, arrive here just as it opens and you’ll get a table right on the edge with a perfect view overlooking the domes.

Best Santorini Photos Spots cafe with  blue domes view

3- Pink Bougainvillea and classic blue door

This colourful spot just outside the entrance to Terpsi n Oia cafe. Its a great spot to stop for a quick iconic greek islands aesthetic. Keep in mind this is a shop and it will open later in the morning.

girl walking in front of pink flowers in oia Santorini Greek Islands

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4- Oia Castle sunset view (best sunset spot in Santorini)

Oia Castle is the most famous sunset spot in Santorini. People get here hours before sunset to secure their spot along the winding streets. We found a great spot just under the castle, its pretty small but you can get a great uninterrupted shot. People leave pretty quickly after sunset to hit the restaurants, so if you stick around you can get some beautiful glowing evening shots. We edit all our night shots with our Orange & Teal Presets available to download here.

best sunset photo spot in Santorini, Oia

5- Oia orange house stairs

This ones a popular one to tick off the list. Just underneath Oia Castle, you can grab a quick shot before you secure you spot for sunset.

Orange House santorini, Adriana Maria, Best instagram spots in Santorini

6- 3 bells of Fira view

This spot in Fira is good as it doesn’t get too busy during the day and theres plenty of space to get a shot. Its has a great view overlooking the church with the caldera island in the background

Santorini Blue Domes and three bells of fira view in the greek islands

7- Church of the Resurrection blue dome and pink flowers

This spot in Imerovigli is perfect for getting that classic blue dome and pink bougainvilleas shot. Not as busy as Oia, you may have to wait a little as its on the photo tours route. This shot was edited with our Country Coastal Presets available here its our go to for getting warm film tones.

best photo spots in santorini,  Adriana Maria

8- Church Agios Nikolaos dome

This one is easy to miss but its along the way to Oia castle. A great little stop while exploring the streets and looks great backlit around mid morning.

Santorini Blue dome churches view, Adriana Maria, Greek islands, best santorini photo spots.

9- Oia Windmills

If your looking for that classic greek islands windmill shot, this is the spot. There’s also a couple of great little bars around the area too.

Adriana Maria walking with Santorini Windmills in background

10- Katikies Chromata Hotel sunset bar Imerovigli

If you’re exhausted by Oias busy sunset crowds mix it up and head to Imerovigli for an evening. Its far less crowded at sunset as it doesn’t get a direct view of it, but you do still get some amazing colours. Katikies Chromata Hotel has a great little sunset bar, when we were there we had it all to ourselves.

Katikies Chromata Hotel, Sunset view Bar, Santorini, Greek Islands

Find the exact locations with our Best Santorini Photo Spots Map

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