10 Unique Things To Do In Tokyo 2024



Tokyo, the vibrant capital of Japan, is a dynamic blend of old meets new. Known for its skyscrapers and historic temples, this bustling city offers something for every traveler. Heres our pick of 10 unique things to do in Tokyo 2024. Perfect for second time visitors or if your looking for somethings a little less mainstream. Make sure to add them to your itinerary If you’re heading to Tokyo and looking for unique experiences.

1- Gotokuji Cat Temple (Lucky Cat Temple)

The Lukcy Cat Temple, home to thousands of cat statues of all sizes, this temple is a haven for cat lovers. Legend has it that a cat waved to a traveling samurai, saving him from a storm and leading him to this temple. Making it the birthplace of the iconic “maneki-neko” or beckoning cat statue, which is said to bring good luck.

2- Strawberry Mania at Tsukiji Outer Market

Tsukuji is most famous as the Tokyo fish markets but people come from all over Japan to try the famous strawberry deserts at Strawberry Mania. Our must try pick is the Strawberry Mochi. A fresh juicy strawberry wrapped in a soft chewy cloud of sweet glutinous rice dough.

strawberry mochi tokyo, strawberry mania tokyo, unique things to do in tokyo
strawberry mania Tokyo, strawberry soft serve ice cream

3- Hie Shrine

Offering a small taste of Kyoto in Tokyo. Hie shrine has a walkway of 90 vibrant red tori gates, leading you on a serene path of spirituality. If you cant fit Kyoto into you itinerary this is a great place in Tokyo to experience the red tori gates.

4- Onibus Coffee Nakemaguro Cafe

Experience the best of Tokyos coffee culture at Onibus Coffee. A tranquil space amidst the urban hustle & one of the original indie cafes in Tokyo. Sip on some of the best specialty brewed coffee in Japan enjoy the cafe’s minimalist design with the rumble of passing trains. If your a coffee lover Onibus Coffee is a must.

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5- Seaside Trip to Kamakura

This coastal town is a breath of fresh air and a great day trip from Tokyo. If you’re an anime fan, don’t miss the iconic crossing near Kamakura Kokomae station, featured in the cult anime series Slam Dunk. For a taste of Tokyos surf culture head to nearby Surfers Izakaya at Zushi beach. A SoCal Surf themed bar and deck with panoramic sea and sunset views.

6- TeamLab Planets Tokyo

TeamLab Planets is one of the most unique things to do in Tokyo. Dive into an immersive digital art world that rejuvenates the inner child in you at TeamLab Tokyo. Walk through water, lights, and projections that play with your senses.

7- Shibuya Sky

Gaze at the mesmerising Tokyo skyline as the sun sets and the city lights up. Shibuya sky is easily one of Tokyos Best attractions and offers panoramic views over Tokyo from its rooftop viewpoint. Tip: book your tickets online early as the sunset times book out quick. Its best to book a session earlier than sunset as you can just stay and wait. Theres also a great rooftop bar to chill and have a drink.

8 – The Matcha Tokyo Cafe

If you’re a matcha latte lover you might be surprised, its actually really hard to find good matcha lattes in Japan. Most matcha is served the traditional way without milk. But luckily The Matcha Tokyo in Omotesandō has got you, serving the best Matcha Lattes in town. They even have non dairy milk options and great Matcha flavour sweets. You can also find The Matcha Tokyo cafes at Shibuya Miyashita Park Mall and NEWoMan Mall in Shinjuku.

9 – Shiro Higes Cream Puff Factory

A must If you’re a studio Ghibli fan. Try the delicious Totoro-shaped pastries in this cute little cafe, a tribute to the beloved Ghibli character and its whimsical world.

Totoro cream puff cafe tokyo, Shiro Higes Cream Puff Factory, totoro cafe, Ghibli Cafe Tokyo

10 – Rikugien Gardens

For a peaceful retreat, visit Rikugien or any of Tokyo’s traditional Japanese gardens. Experience a moment of zen, surrounded by meticulously manicured landscapes. Especially spectacular during cherry blossom or Autumn seasons. While you’re there head to one of the traditional tea houses for a uniquely Japanese experience.

Unique Things To Do In Tokyo 2024

Tokyo never ceases to amaze us with its fusion of old and new. Whether it’s a tranquil garden in the middle of the city or a digital art exhibition, there’s always something unique to discover. If you’re planning to visit, ensure these spots are on your Tokyo 2023 bucket list. Dive deep into Japanese culture, savour the unique flavours, and the amazing visual delights that only Tokyo has to offer.

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