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Best accommodation in Amed, Bali

by Adri

Why you should visit and where is the best accomodation in Amed? 

I can’t believe that after being in Bali so many times it wasn’t until recently that we finally made the trip to Amed. A place that had been recommended to us so many times!  If you want to know the best accommodation in Amed read on! 

Amed is an area that is not overrun with tourists,  it remains authentic and yet it has so much to offer. 

If you are looking for a unique Bali experience, Amed is your place. We are due to go back as we had only book 3 nights at Mathis Lodge and unexpectedly we were one of those guests that never leave the hotel!  We found the best accommodation in Amed.

Our Accomodation in Amed

Between the sea & the mountainous landscape of Amed you’ll find tucked away the best accommodation in Amed.

Mathis Lodge Amed blew us away, within the very first minutes we had already made the decision to return to Amed on a later date to explore the area fully. For this visit we decided to spend it lounging around in this amazing property that by mere luck we had all to ourselves. We had to make the most of this rare opportunity.

The infinity pool was my favourite part of the hotel,  this time of year the flowers were surrounded with butterflies and every morning the sight of them made us smile so wide! 

The cleanliness of the hotel was impeccable. The staff were friendly and attentive.

You can book Mathis Lodge here.

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The Rooms

The property consists of 20 lodges, some have a private pool and some have a jacuzzi option. 

I’d say the nicest rooms are the ones with a pool, however the hotel’s infinity pool is so magical that you don’t really need your own pool. 

We stayed in the room Alor which had a private pool and also ocean views. 


The food was great, a mix of Indonesian & western options.  The prices were quite reasonable. 

Things to note

  • Remote access , however the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle down to the town & beaches (duration:15min)
  • The property is built on a mountain and it’s uneven terrain might not be suitable for everyone. I would suggest contacting the hotel prior to booking. 
  • This hotel is most suited to couples. 
  • I would not recommend this hotel if you have small children. 
  • If you have any dietary requirements I suggest contacting the hotel in advance to see if they can cater for you. 

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Best accomodation in Amed

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