10 Best Mt Fuji View Spots: Around Lake Kawaguchiko & Yamanaka



So you’re looking for the best spots to view Mt Fuji. As lovers of beautiful landscapes and iconic natural wonders, nothing quite prepares you for the majesty of Mt Fuji. During a week long stay in the Five Lakes region, we discovered spots offering some of the most stunning views of this iconic Japanese landmark. Here are the top 10 best Mt Fuji view spots we recommend around Lake Kawaguchiko & Lake Yamanaka but first a few things to help you during your visit at Mt Fuji.

Best time to see Mt Fuji

Autumn and winter (November to February) are the best times for clear views of Mount Fuji. Early mornings offer the best chance, though clear afternoons are also common in winter. Summer tends to be hazy and cloud-covered.

How to Get to Mt Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko From Tokyo

By train, to reach the Lake Kawaguchiko and Mt Fuji area, take the Chuo line from Shinjuku connecting with the Fujikyuko Line. The 3hr journey offers scenic routes to these picturesque locations.

By bus take the Kawaguchiko Eki Bus from Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal, taking about 1hr 50min to reach Mt Fuji station in Fujiyoshida or Lake Kawaguchiko.

Getting Around Lake Kawaguchiko & Yamanaka

Tourist loop buses around Lakes Yamanaka and Kawaguchiko are convenient, with hourly services. Day passes are available at Kawaguchiko and Fujisan bus / train stations and you can hop on hop off at the main points of interest. You can also explore via train between Fujiyoshida and Kawaguchiko, or hire a car (international license required).

Where to Stay Near Mt Fuji

Kawaguchiko and Fujiyoshida are ideal bases with plenty of accommodation, various options ranging from luxury to budget friendly and good transport options.

If you are looking for a luxury Mount Fuji ryokan with a private onsen check out Ubuya (make sure to book directly and in advance) other options for rooms with private onsen are Bessho Sasa, Shuhokaku Kogetsu and Kaneyamaen

For a unique stay try Hoshinoya Fuji, for a Tiktok viral stay check out “The garden”

Staying near a train station is always handy wherever you travel. Our hotel was not only affordable, clean and spacious (a luxury after our time in Tokyo) but the views from the rooftop were incredible. Book our hotel here.

These villas also have great reviews and are a 6-minute walk from Fuji-Q Highland and all of them have direct views to Mount Fuji.

Fujuyoshida, Where to Stay Near Mt Fuji Japan

Can You Do A Mt Fuji Day Trip?

A day trip to Mount Fuji is feasible, with a well planned itinerary covering key spots like Lake Kawaguchiko, Chureito Pagoda, and the Fujiyoshida area. Make sure you leave early to maximise the day. Recommend getting the Bus from Shinjuku to Lake Kawaguchiko which takes 1hr 50min.

10 Best Mount Fuji Spots

1. Tenku-no Torii, Asama Shrine

The easy hike from Asama Shrine up the mountain leads to the Torii gates, offering a direct and stunning view of Mount Fuji. The journey itself is as mesmerising as the destination, weaving through serene natural landscapes. You can get to the base of Asama shrine by the Kawaguchiko loop bus.

Tenku-no Torii, Mt Fuji Tori gate view

2. Lake Yamanaka

One of our favourite locations for natural Mt Fuji View spots, especially in winter when it freezes over, creating a dramatic scene with white swans against Mount Fuji. The annual Diamond Fuji event, when the sun sets directly over the mountain, is a show not to be missed. It happens between January 18th and February 20th. The best spot to find the most swans is out the front of Koyu Club Hotel. you can get here with the Yamanaka Kawaguchiko loop bus.

3. The Park Cafe Pancakes, Lake Yamanaka

Head here for those famous Japanese soufflé pancakes, hot coffee, and amazing views across lake Yamanaka to Mt Fuji. These were easily some of the best fluffy pancakes we had in Japan.

4. Arakura Shrine

On the way up to Chureito Pagoda, this shrine frames Mount Fuji beautifully and is a quieter spot for contemplation and photography. from here its about a 15 min walk up to Chureito Pagoda for an even more dramatic view.

Arakura Shrine Fujiyoshida Japan

5. Chureito Pagoda, Mt Fuji View Spot

An iconic viewpoint, especially during spring with cherry blossoms or in winter with snow. It overlooks Fujiyoshida town and provides a stunning composition with the pagoda in the foreground.

6. Oshino Hakkai

Oshino Hakkai, a picturesque tourist spot nestled in the Fuji Five Lakes region, mirrors a traditional Japanese village and offers a stunning view of Mount Fuji. This location has eight natural springs, each crystal clear and filled with koi fish and lush plant life. As we wandered around, we loved the different stalls showcasing local crafts and offering a taste of the region’s cuisine. Our highlight was Hannoki Bayashi Shiryokan, an open-air museum located near the largest pond. For a small admission fee, we were able to step back in time and explore the rich cultural heritage of the area.

Oshino Hakkai is accessible by bus from Fujisan or Kawaguchiko Station. In winter, the village transforms into a serene, snow covered landscape, offering a unique feel to the experience.

7. Honcho Street, Fuji View

The main street in Fujiyoshida offers dramatic views of the mountain, especially stunning in the early morning. Don’t miss a stop at Fab Cafe Fuji, located next to the prime viewing point on Honcho Street.

Honcho Street, Fujiyoshida, Mt Fuji street view

8. Lake Kawaguchiko

The most popular lake for viewing Mount Fuji. The northern side of the lake and the Mt Fuji Panoramic Ropeway offer amazing vantage points. Depending on what season you visit Oishi park, you’ll see different landscape according to the four seasons. Cherry blossoms in spring, lavender in summer, maple leaves & Kochia balls in autumn, in winter the snow takes the show. This is the most developed of the lakes and offers many options for accommodation and restaurants.

Best mt fuji view spots Lake Kawaguchiko Japan

9. Lawson Mt Fuji convenience store, Kawaguchiko

Just a short walk to the left as you exit Kawaguchiko train station, this famous Lawson convenience store provides a unique backdrop of Mt Fuji, perfect for a casual photo op and picking up some snacks for the day. If this spot is too busy there is another Lawson with the Mt Fuji backdrop a bit further into town at “Lawson Fujikawaguchiko Town hall” and its usually empty.

Both spots on google maps here:

Lawson Kawaguchiko train station

Lawson Town hall

Lawson konbini convenience store with Mt Fuji view Kawaguchiko

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10. Mt Fuji Station & Kawaguchiko Station

Fujisan and Kawaguchiko train stations both offer fantastic views of the mountain, especially memorable as you pass by on the train. Both these stations are the main arrival spots to explore the area and are accessible by train from Tokyo. From here you can pick up the hop on hop off loop bus to take you around the lakes Kawaguchiko and Yamanaka.

Bonus spot: Hoto Fudo

Hoto fudo is an igloo like noodle restaurant near Mount Fuji, Japan. Not only is this place a great photo op but also the perfect place to try the local specialty, Hoto noodles. The dish consists of thick wheat noodles in a miso based soup and is often served in an iron pot. While hoto noodles resemble extra thick udon noodles, they are prepared more like dumplings, and lend a heartier quality to the dish than udon would. The soup is traditionally a miso based broth with pumpkin and other seasonal vegetables added, perfect for the wintery days.

Mt Fuji & Lake Kawaghuchiko

The area around Mount Fuji & Kawaguchiko is a treasure trove for Mt Fuji view spots, cultural experiences, and serene beauty. Whether you’re on a day trip or a longer stay, the 5 Lakes region offers numerous opportunities to witness the unforgettable beauty of one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks.


Here’s our google map list of Best Mt. Fuji view spot to help you navigate.

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10 Best Mt Fuji View Spots: Around Lake Kawaguchiko & Yamanaka