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Doctor’s Cave Beach, everything you need to know for your trip to Montego Bays best beach.

Montego Bay, Jamaica is the perfect destination for travellers seeking sun, sand, and sea. There are numerous beaches to choose from, but none compares to the pristine beauty of the famous Doctor’s Cave Beach. Nestled in the heart of Montego Bay, this beach has been attracting visitors for over a century with its crystal clear waters, white sands and coconut palms.

coconut palms and beach umbrellas in montego bay beach jamaica

Best beach in the Carribbean

Doctor’s Cave Beach has been named one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and for a good reason. The water is a mesmerising shade of turquoise blue, and the sand is soft and white. The beach is surrounded by lush coconut palms providing natural shade from the tropical heat. This beach is one of only a few public beaches in Montego Bay. Most good beaches in the area are privately owned or on private property of resorts so you cant access them unless you’re staying at the resort. Doctor’s Cave Beach is a great option if you are staying at a hotel or resort that doesn’t have beach access or you want to have a fun day with a great local vibe.

Where is Doctor’s cave beach

You can easily walk straight past the entrance of this famous beach and not even know it. You’ll find the small entrance gates and ticket booth of the beach on Gloucester Ave along the famous Hip Strip. Keep an eye out for the Starbucks, the entrance is right next door. The beach opens at 8:30am and closes at 5:30pm. Drs cave beach has an entrance fee of USD $8 & also offers lounge chairs & umbrellas to rent for $7 each, so you can sit back and soak up the sun in comfort. Take a dip in the warm, calm waters or snorkel along the reef and discover the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea.

life guard tower at doctors cave beach jamaica

Restaurants at Doctor’s Cave

When it comes to restaurant at Doctor’s Cave beach, there are a handful of kiosks and a great cabana beach bar to choose from. You can enjoy a refrethshing cocktail or lunch while taking in the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. You can also order to get your drinks or food delivered to you on the beach. Tip: Give your waiter a tip in advance if you want to get faster service. Theres also a Starbucks cafe just at the entrance, you can go out and order with an entrance stamp.

Restaurants Nearby In Montego Bay

If you don’t find something you like at the beach, or its come to the end of the day and you want a sunset cocktail or dinner, try out nearby:

  • Sea Island Beach club: for a decent sunset bar, food & snacks. They also have a nice stretch of beach to chill.
  • Marguerites: For more fine dining options.
  • The Pelican Grill: For iconic Jamaican dishes in a classic carribean vintage setting.
  • Margherita Ville: For sunset cocktails, American food, jerk chicken and a party vibe
  • The Pork Pit: A rustic setting for iconic jerk chicken and pork grilled over woodfire.
people swimming at sunset at Sea Island Beach Club Montego Bay Jamaica
Sea Island Beach Club

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What to do at Doctor’s Cave Beach

If you get bored chilling out on a beach chair. Head down to the far right end of the beach, here you’ll find local boats that will take you to the outer reef snorkelling, for sunset or fishing tours. Looking for a sunset cocktail head next door to Sea Island Beach Club, or Marguerites for a romantic dinner. If a bigger party is your thing head on down the iconic Montego Bay establishment Margherita Ville for sunset cocktails, food and a wild party later.

Adriana Maria swimming in blue turquoise water in montego bay jamaica

Where to stay

Montego Bay has many options from smaller hotels to huge all inclusive resorts. Keep in mind tourism here in Jamaica is generally focused towards all inclusive resorts. We found there was not a huge amount of options on Hip Strip and Montego Bay town for dining out and things to do. So picking a hotel that has some good restaurants and facilities is key. Also many of the better hotels & resorts are just out of town or near the cruise ship terminal about 15 mins from Doctor’s cave beach. We’ve listed a few of our Montego Bay hotel picks here:

Hotels Close to Doctor’s Cave Beach & Hip Strip:

Hotels around Montego Bay

susnet from doctors cave beach bar at Montego Bay Jamaica

Things to keep in mind while in Montego Bay

While the area around Doctor’s Cave Beach and Hip Strip is generally safe for tourists during the day, be mindful of your belongings as pick pocketing can occur. Its recommended not to walk about after dark especially away from the main tourist Hip Strip area.

beach with coconut palms and turquoise Caribbean sea at doctors cave beach in montego bay jamaica
Doctor’s cave beach Montego Bay Jamaica

Montego Bays Best Beach

Doctor’s Cave Beach in our opinion is probably the best beach in Montego Bay, and a must while visiting Jamaica. Whether you are looking to relax and unwind or seek adventure and party, this beach has something to offer for everyone.

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