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Tokyo, the bustling capital of Japan, transforms into a kaleidoscope of lights and colors when the sun sets. Tokyo offers some of the most unique and breathtaking spots for night photography in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or simply someone who loves snapping pics with your smartphone. This list of the 10 Best Tokyo Photo Spots for night photography will guide you to the city’s hidden and iconic gems.

Photography Gear I use

My camera for this trip was the Sony A7Riv, which was great with its high resolution to be able to crop in on shots when editing. Paired with a combination of the versatile G master 24-70mm f2.8 and 24mm f1.4 prime lens for low light. For some of the night shots I used a diffusion filter for a cinematic glow, either a Tiffen Pro Mist or a heavier Moment Cinembloom filter. You can find all these and more on our Amazon store here.

Tips for Night Photography in Tokyo

  • Tokyo looks its best at night during or after rain. So if you’re lucky and it’s raining while you’re there make the most of it. The city lights reflect off the wet ground making it burst with colour.
  • There is a lot of bright ambient light around Tokyo so you don’t necessarily need a tripod or even a professional camera, a lot of these shots can be accomplished with a iPhone.

Tips For iPhone Night Photography & Videos

  • Use photo night mode on your camera for the best results
  • Slightly lowering the exposure to around -0.3 to -1 will help give a cleaner image.
  • Shoot in RAW format for photos if you phone allows, so you get the most data for editing.
  • For Videos I shoot 4k 60fps, if its really dark 30fps. Same as photos i under expose night videos by -0.3 to -1 for a cleaner exposure.

Editing My Tokyo Night Photos

I edit all my photos in Adobe Lightroom Mobile app & the desktop version. For these shots I first applied my Film look preset, then made only slight adjustments to exposure, highlights, shadows and temp if it needs. Occasionally I’ll do some local adjustments with a mask brush like lowering exposure/shadows or selective highlight adjustments. Then I’ll finish with adding grain and lowering clarity for a soft glow film finish. You can download the same Film Look Presets Here.

Editing Tokyo Night Videos

For my videos I created a custom LUTs pack designed for editing iPhone night videos in Tokyo. I use them in VN video editor to edit my iPhone clips on the go while traveling. You can find them here Tokyo Nights iPhone LUTs

Tokyo Night Photo Spots

1- Yodabashi Camera Shinjuku

There are loads of photos spots just around the Shinjuku Area. As soon as you get out of Shinjuku station head out to Yodabashi Camera, one of Tokyos biggest camera stores. With its red neon sign its an iconic Tokyo photo spot for night photography.

2- Omoide Yokocho

Close by Shinjuku station and on the way down to cenral shinjuku you’ll find Omoide Yokocho. A tight narrow alley full of small izakayas (bars) with a unique vibe. The atmosphere here is amazing for street photography.

Omoide Yokocho Tokyo photo spots
Omoide Yokocho Shinjuku Tokyo at night

Do you want to edit you photos like these?

All photos in this blog are edited with our Film Look Lightroom Presets available for you to download here.

3- Shinjuku Kabukicho rd gates & Godzilla Central rd

Down in central Shinjuku is where you can find the famous red Kabukicho rd gates and Godzilla statue on Central rd. Two of Tokyos iconic night photo spots right next to each other, the side streets around this area are packed with neon Lights.

Shinjuku Tokyo night photography spots

4- Shinjuku Cat

Just up the road from Godzilla heading back up towards Shinjuku station east exit you’ll find the giant Shinjuku 3D cat billboard. Next door you’ll also find Yataien Shinjuku restaurant with its glowing lanterns another great photo spot.

Tokyo Photo Spots, Shinjuku cat

5- Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is undoubtedly the most iconic photo spot in Tokyo for good reason. You could spend a whole night taking in the buzz of this world famous spot. One of the best times is at peak hour around 6-7 when it’s packed with commuters. You can get a unique high view point from Mags Park rooftop at Magnet Shibuya 109 building.

Tokyo Photo spots, Shibuya crossing

6- Shibuya Sky

For an incredible areal view of Shibuya crossing and Tokyos sky line head up to Shibuya Sky at Shibuya Scramble Square building. The open air observation deck gives 360 degree views of Tokyos skyline. Theres also a huge open air area and bar to chill and watch sunset over the endless city views. It’s also the location of the famous escalator view.

7- Ueno / Okachimachi – Ameyayokocho st

Ueno is one of the many interesting suburbs of Tokyo and easy to get to on the green Yamanote line. the area between Ueno station & Okachimachi station is full of great night photo ops. The best street is the Ameyayokocho restaurant street with its retro vibe filled with small bars and eateries and neon lights.

8- Shiinamachi Station

This one is a bit of the main track but an iconic Tokyo photo spot non the less. when you get out of Shiinamachi station you’ll see the blue neon lit Izakaya bar just outside. For the best angle head up the ramp across the road and up to the overpass for a high view. This location looks amazing when its raining.

Tokyo Night Photo Spots

9- Roppongi

This entertainment area of Tokyo is buzzing at night with restaurants, bars and clubs. Theres loads of options for vibrant night photography around the Roppongi neighbourhood. Walk a few hundred metres east from Roppongi station down Gaien Higashi-dori street and you can find one of the best street vantage points for Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower Roppongi, best tokyo photo spots

10- Asakusa Temple

For some vibrant red temples and lanterns head to Asakusa Temple in the evening. If you are lucky you might see a parade, and theres some great street food, bars and restaurants around the area too.

Asakusa Temple Tokyo
Asakusa Tokyo  Street at night with Tokyo sky tree in background

Best night photo spots in Tokyo

So there you have it, our favourite list of the 10 Best Tokyo Photo Spots for night photography. Whether you’re strolling through the bustling streets of Shibuya Crossing or finding solace in the tranquil surroundings of Asakusa Temple, Tokyo offers an endless array of night scenes to photograph. So pack your camera and your adventurous spirit. Tokyo is by far one of the worlds best locations for unique night photography.

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Best Tokyo Photo Spots for night photography
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