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The truth is after our trip to Guatemala (my home country). We had a serious case of holiday blues and Luke was about to start a new job that would take him away from home for longs periods of time. In the spare of the moment we decided to leave to Bali for a couple days just to refill our wanderlust tanks. In the end we were also able to take some work with us, which was AMAZING because we were doing what we love in this magical location.

As all instagrammers know there are certain places that keep popping up on Instagram and somehow you get hooked! That was the case with Hideout Bali. Which sadly but also fortunately wasn’t available for our dates but the hideout lightroom was!

Selat, Bali – Hideout Lightroom

We arrived late on Friday night and our accomodation had organise pick up from the airport. We headed straight to Hideout Lightroom and after maybe and hour or so we arrived to this magical little hideaway in the jungle.

As we lay in bed we could hear the river and watch the fireflies do their light dance.

Hideout lightroom Bali Bamboo House

We woke up and we laid in bed watching the rain fall enjoying our morning cuppa.

One of my favourite things lately are outdoor showers, the one that we had at the hideout was just amazing! but that wasn’t  even the best part …

outdoor shower at Hideout lightroom Bali Bamboo House

The outdoor BATH was.

We explore the rice fields nearby and had dinner once at the Great Mountain View Resort, the other night we ordered “room service” from Wayan, his food was soooo tasty!!

Hideout lightroom Bali Bamboo House

Gili Meno, Lombok

For our next stop we headed to Gili Meno, it took a while to get there from where we were but it was so worth it!

Since we are no the most organised couple we always book last minute which generally works great because with all the apps out there we tend to get really good deals if we book the day before or the same day ( that’s why I always get a sim card wherever we go).

We booked Karma reef.

We chose Karma because it’s rustic appearance and the location. Plus we were booking on the ferry to Gili Meno so we didn’t have much time to decide!

The best part of our stay at Karma Reef was the breakfast! (you can tell by now we are food lovers)

We explore the island and enjoy the sun and the crystal clear water, we also did a boat tour for 400,000 IDR with this lovely guy that had a stand at the end of the beach near Seri Resort where we had lunch. We saw so many turtles and fishes it was so magical! highly recommend doing a boat trip.

Lunch at Seri Resort Gili Meno

Seri Resort had the coolest swing right in front of the beach, that we had to snap before we kept exploring.

This cow enjoyed licking my leg!! Never knew their tongues were so rough!!

Bali love

In this short period of time I fell in love with Bali and it’s people! They are kind hearted and always put service first, money comes second. I think this is something we could all learn from.

While your around check out some of our other blogs on our Bali stays here

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  1. Ida says:

    Such stunning photos!! First nights with icy windows here in Sweden definitely makes this look like the ultimate dream!

  2. Annie says:

    I am in LOVE with all your Bali vacay pics! I love the Hideout Lightroom. It looks soooooo beautiful! Can’t wait to visit Bali. Thank you for all the recs!


  3. Gin says:

    I never been to Bali but you make everything look so beautiful!!!!! Looks like a dream, loved all the pics!

  4. Karen Forgy says:

    What a beautiful place. I would love to sleep looking at the stars. I can only imagine the enjoyment the two of you had on your lovely spontaneous getaway. I’m sure you didn’t wanna leave! I know I wouldn’t want to leave!

  5. Chrissie says:

    Amazing blog and pics lovely! Your trip to Bali looked so dreamy… making me miss it so much! X


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