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What is a LUT?

Let’s begin by defining what a LUT is. In simple terms, a LUT (Look-Up Table) is a preset / filter that alters the color and tone of your video. Think of it as an advanced Instagram filter that professionals use to achieve specific visual moods and tones for films. LUTs have been used for years by professionals to colour grade high end films in professional editing apps like Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. But now with advancements in mobile tech you can use the exact same technique right on your phone.

What are iPhone LUTs?

iPhone LUTs are specialised LUTs optimised for editing iPhone video footage. Using these, you can establish a consistent colour scheme across all your mobile videos. Whether you’re using an iPhone 13, 14 or the latest iPhone 15, well executed colour grading can significantly elevate your mobile content. It not only makes your videos more visually appealing but also adds a particular mood or ambiance.

iPhone Luts & Mobile Video Filters

How to use LUTs on iPhone

Using LUTs on your iPhone is now incredibly simple, especially with free apps like VN Video Editor, which is the app I use to edit all my videos. The app also has all the features you need not only for colour grading but also cutting clips, transitions, slow motion, adding music and titles. I’ll run you through quickly how to get started applying LUTs in the app.

Quick guide how to apply LUTs to videos on mobile

1- Download the VN Video Editor app:

This app is compatible with both iPhone and Android and is free to use. you can get it via the app stores. It has a limit of 100 open projects, after that you can either pay for the pro subscription or delete some of your old previous projects to keep creating new ones.

2- Find Compatible iPhone LUTs:

While the VN app comes pre loaded with some ok filters, I prefer to use my custom specialised LUTs. The key is to choose LUTs that are optimised for mobile footage. You can download the ones I use for iPhone and mobile footage here.

Download iPhone LUTs here

3- Apply LUT:

In the editing window and with a clip on your timeline, tap on the “Filters” tab and apply your chosen LUT.

4- Fine Tune Your LUT:

Once the LUT is applied, you can adjust its strength using the intensity slider to suit your taste.

How to use LUTs on iphone

5- Adjustments:

In the “Adjust” section you can make fine tune edits to the clip such as exposure, highlights and shadows along with individual colours in the HSL tab. This is were you can really customise and colour grade your videos look.

Bonus Tips to make your iphone videos feel more cinematic

iPhones now capture amazing quality videos and often if shot properly you can’t tell that is not coming from a professional camera. Here are a few extra tips that can help make you phone videos look more professional and cinematic.

  • Shoot in 4K Resolution

Shooting in 4k will you the best quality possible out of your phones camera. To enable this feature, go to your iPhone’s “Settings”, navigate to “Camera”, and then choose “Record Video” to select 4K resolution. I like to choose 4k 60fps as it is much sharper and allows me to add slow motion to clips later in editing.

Cinematic settings for iphone videos
  • Experiment with iPhone’s Cinematic Mode

For a shallow focus professional camera like quality in your videos, use the iPhone’s Cinematic Mode and set the aperture to fall between F5.6 and F8. But be careful, apertures lower than this can make the depth of field look too shallow, giving the footage an artificial fake appearance.

To change these setting on your iPhone head to your phones camera, select “cinematic”, swipe up and select “f” slide left or right to adjust.

  • Slightly Underexpose Your Shots

Underexposing on iPhone can make your video look cleaner and offer a more balanced exposure.

To change these setting on your iPhone head to your phones camera, swipe up and select “+-“ underexpose by sliding to the left. we like to choose between – 0.3 to -1.

  • Intentional Camera Movement or Composed Still Frames

Opt for either slow, smooth, intentional camera movements or well composed still frames to elevate your video.

  • Create Depth with Foreground Objects

Tap to focus on the background while using foreground objects to give your shot more depth.

  • Utilize Golden Hour Lighting

For softer, more cinematic lighting, shoot your videos during golden hour (the time shortly after sunrise or before sunset.)

  • Slow-Motion Effect at 60fps

Shoot your videos in 60fps, then to slow down your video in VN Video Editor app press on “Speed” and slide down to 0.5x, don’t go any lower than 0.5x otherwise the video will look stuttery and not smooth.

  • Achieve a Film Like Look by Shooting at 24fps

If you’re aiming for a cinematic look in your videos, consider shooting at a frame rate of 24fps (frames per second). This frame rate has been the gold standard in traditional film making because it provides a naturally smooth motion. However, it’s essential to minimise your camera movements when shooting at this rate to avoid any flickery motion blur.

Use Film Aesthetic LUTs

To further enhance the filmic quality of your videos, you can also use our specialised Film iPhone LUTs. These LUT’s help you effortlessly attain that nostalgic film tone look. You can download them instantly here.

Iphone Film LUTs

Download our Film look iPhone LUTs here

Editing with iPhone LUTs

By mastering iPhone settings and filming techniques, along with the power of colour grading with iPhone LUTs, you can transform your iPhone footage into truly cinematic and engaging content.

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